Miramar COVID-19 and Safety Practices

The Miramar Team carefully monitors the latest science in the novel COVID-19 virus to assure that we are effectively doing all we can to protect our clients. Since the pandemic began we have perfected COVID-19 protocols that we implement in every interaction with, and for, our clients. 

The Miramar Care Team, our Skilled Nurses, and our Certified Nursing Assistants, use the CDC protocols as our guidance. We have developed specific protocols to address every aspect of the CDC guidelines…from arranging for vaccinations to teaching our clients how to follow the guidance themselves. 

Please review the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Guidelines here for an overview of precautions we take to protect you.

Our goal is to always keep our clients safe at home. Safety and Safety Practices protocols are always of utmost important. As experienced health care professionals, we are innately sensitive to health and cleanliness protocols and practices long before the advent of COVID-19. Additionally, because we are hands-on during transports to physicians, physical therapists, etc., we can manage and assist the client to be more diligent and cautious than they may be if they were on their own, alone, and sometimes overwhelmed with quickly evolving COVID-19 considerations.

Please let us know if you have specific questions concerning the Miramar COVID-19 or other essential safety practices. 

Stacey S. Tabor, Franny K. Schmidt, Christina V. Bakhour, Miramar Healthcare Founders

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